The philosophy and concept of Paul Vincent Hockey Academy brings a unique way of teaching powerskating and skill developement. We work to maxamize power to your stride, and work on your all around skills. Hard work,practice,and proper teaching is what it takes to become a good hockey player

We focus on balance, agilityedge work and quickness. As well as shooting,stickhandleing,passing, and reading the game. Both with and without the puck

The Summer Camp starts off basic with learning proper technique and form. Doing drills without proper form and technique, will only hurt you as a player. Mastering proper form and technique, makes it easier when performing at top speed.

I as well as our coaching staff are dedicated , and educated, to making your child the best they can be. With a 4-1 ratio, all student will have a ampel amount of teaching and super-vision
The Paul Vincent Summer Camp is set up for highly ,and enhance motivated players looking to become the best they can be. The Paul Vincent Hockey Academy will teach, correct, and enhance the knowledge and skill of all players

To become good, it takes hard work,dedication and repetition. We ask this of all students for full maximum effect of Paul Vincent Hockey School. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you this summer on one of our practice locations.