Hallo Hockey friends,

For the last 5 Years The Paul Vincent Hockey Academy has offered multiple succesfull Summer Hockey Camps on different locations both in Holland and Belgium. Our main focus lies on Personals Skill Development of young hockey players.

Hockey is a dynamic sport which and therefore is constantly developing. This means that both training methodes and drills will have to follow these developments in order to provide a player with the wright tools for the game.

Nowadays hockey is faster than ever and players will have to push themself to the max if it comes to skills, skating and anticipation of game situations.

The Paul Vincent Hockey Academy is on top of all developments and we adjust our practice offer to the needs of the game. Therefor we are going to change our Summer Program and stop practicing with big groups whith a lot of players on the ice at the same time.

Instead we offer practices in groups with a maximum of 10 skaters on the ice with 2 Highly Qualified coaches on the Ice. It's obvious that Paul Vincent is one of these coaches. In this format each Coach will have 5 players to look after and help with all the drills. This is a level of attention that they can't get at their own club.


Paul Vincent

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Please check out the Video Clip below for an impression of the Paul Vincent Summer Camp 2012